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New York Divorce

New York DivorceWe know that divorce can be difficult and expensive. The least expensive way to get a divorce in New York is an “uncontested divorce”. If you and your spouse can agree on property division and all child-related issues, you can file for a New York uncontested divorce. We offer fixed fee, online legal services for uncontested and no-fault New York divorce actions for self-represented litigants.

New York Divorce

How it Works: Register for this site, select your On-Line Questionnaire, and pay when you are ready.

You can save your answers and return later. When you’re ready to move forward, simply pay by credit card and submit the questionnaire to our firm.  Please be patient…the Questionnaire may take a minute or two to open. Thanks!

NOTE: Our fee excludes filing fees which you will pay the court directly.

In order to keep our prices low, you will represent yourself at the divorce hearing. We provide you with detailed instructions on what you should do at the divorce hearing and will provide you with coaching by email and/or by telephone. We can represent you at your divorce hearing, but we charge an additional fee for this service.

Choose which action applies to you, by clicking the link to start your questionnaire. If you have a question about which action applies to your individual circumstances, please email or call our office for advice and consultation before beginning.

Our packages include a written settlement agreement, when required.

New York Marital Settlement Agreement and Divorce package (best value).

New York Divorce Documents

New York Marital Settlement Agreement Document

New York Parenting Plan

New York Divorce Requirements

New York’s Irretrievable Breakdown ground for no-fault divorce requires that the parties, under oath to the Court, state they have had a breakdown of the marital relationship over a period of six (6) months at the time of filing the divorce action. If the parties do not have matters that would necessitate a Marital Settlement Agreement, the documents will state that the parties have agreed upon all issues. All issues related to maintenance support, child support, division of property, and child custody or visitation must be presented to the Court in a Marital Settlement Agreement.

Residency Requirement – you must satisfy at least one of the following residency requirements set forth under New York Domestic Relations Law §230:

  • The marriage ceremony was performed in New York State, at least one party is a resident of the state at the time of the commencement of the divorce action, and that party resided continuously in this state for at least the one year immediately before the action began;
  • The couple lived as a married or legally joined couple in this state, at least one party is currently a resident thereof, and that party resided in this state continuously for the one year immediately prior to the commencement of the divorce action;
  • The grounds for divorce occurred in the State of New York, at least one party is a resident thereof and continuously lived in this state for the one year prior to commencement of the action;
  • The grounds for divorce occurred in this state and both parties are New York residents at the time the divorce action is commenced;
  • If you and your spouse were married outside of New York and you never lived together as a married or legally joined couple in this state and the grounds for divorce did not occur in this state — either you or your spouse must presently be a resident of New York State and have resided continuously in the state for at least the two years prior to bringing this case.

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